Theology for women, no doilies allowed.

How to Love Your Muslim Neighbor with Dr. James White

The girls talk about common misconceptions of Islam, why its important for Christian women to know Islam and how to evangelize and love your Muslim neighbor.

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The Holy Spirit is Not Your Genie with Dr. James White

Wish you could go to seminary but it’s too expensive? Well you’re in luck! The author of The Forgotten Trinity stops in today to take us to school on who the Holy Spirit is, why it matters, how the church has wrestled with this topic in the past, what the EFS debate is all about and we even dare touch the topic of the Nashville Statement!

It’s A Trap!

Summer goes to ASU and talks to millenials, laments to Joy, and this episode is born. What is the world’s laziest argument? Why should you know anything about the Old Testament? How can you tell if your arguments are consistent or not? WHY DOES IT MATTER?

Christ Has Already Won

Sheologians has been critiqued for "only posting" about "negative" things. I learned in a counseling course never to use words like "always" and "never" because they are rarely ever truthful. It's true that we do post about "negative" things often, but we also post...

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