Theology for women, no doilies allowed.

Dr. Robert Carter’s Dragon

Summer and Joy are joined by special guest Dr. Robert Carter this week. He knows more about dragons than us so we just had to had him on. Share with a dragon doubter today!

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Red Letter Jesus

There is a phenomena I heard tell of but had never witnessed with my own eyes before today. I had heard of “red letter Christians” before but thought that most assuredly they could not exist.

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Get Over Yourself

This week Joy and Summer discuss lesbians in Finding Dory and how being offended all the time ruins your...
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Double, Double Toil and Causing Trouble

The ladies meant to discuss why fairy tales are important, and ended up discussing how unicorns are probably real instead.

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Not a Better Love Story Than Twilight

This week Joy and Summer discuss the pitfalls of popular chick lit and why it should be laughed off of bookshelves.

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