Theology for women, no doilies allowed.

How to Be A Hypocrite

This week Summer and Joy discuss Tomi Lahren and her recent statements regarding the hypocrisy of being conservative and pro life. It’s a weird episode. Give it a listen.

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Do Atheists Exist? w/ Sye Ten Bruggencate

The girls are joined this week by the one and only Sye Ten Bruggencate to discuss presuppositional apologetics and whether or not atheists have ever existed.

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Dear Creationist, Don’t Be Embarrassed with Dr. Jason Lisle.

Dr. Lisle joins Joy and Summer and tells us why being a creationist doesn't make you anti-science. Listen and be...
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Coral and the Creator

Join the girls as they invite Dr. Robert Carter to once again dazzle us with scientific truths that point us to our Creator!

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Dr. Robert Carter’s Dragon

Summer and Joy are joined by special guest Dr. Robert Carter this week. He knows more about dragons than us so we just had to had him on. Share with a dragon doubter today!

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