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New Age Jesus and How to Find Him with Steven Bancarz

This week the girls have special guest Steven Bancarz on the show to talk New Age Jesus, who he is, and why he’s not the Jesus of Scripture. They also tackle yoga, meditation, and veganism. Do not miss this show!

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Agree to Disagree with Karen Swallow Prior

The girls invited English professor and author Dr. Karen Swallow Prior on the show to answer some important questions. How do we build relationships with Christians we don’t always agree with? Why does it matter? Are all of Queen Latifah’s movies the worst, or the best? She quickly became one of our most fun interviews. Download and find out why!

Earnestly Contending for the Statistics

A few weeks ago, TBN released a short clip of an interview with Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke of Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus fame. Jeff and Alyssa have a wildly popular website, filled mostly with content on how to have a happy, successful marriage. Right around the time their marriage will turn five years old, their book, Love That Lasts, will launch. Commentary not necessary.

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