Theology for women, no doilies allowed.

Christian Humble Brags

This week the girls are joined BY A SUPER SECRET SPECIAL GUEST to discuss pride and how it doesn’t work like most Christians think it does.

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EAN Update and The Great Pineapple on Pizza Debate

Joy gives us a breakdown of the End Abortion Now conference, why you should care, and why she’s totally wrong about pineapples (now everyone knows who writes these descriptions).

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Growing Up “Christian” with Luke Pierson

The girls are joined this week by their Pastor Luke Pierson to discuss some of the awesome and not so awesome things about growing up in the church.

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On Redefining Words and Character Assassination

Jonathan Merritt recently wrote a piece supposedly lamenting the blogosphere's character assassination of Jen Hatmaker. Merritt's article is rife with words and phrases about those he disagrees with such as, "warlords", "cowardly", " the stocks",...
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The One With Rosaria Butterfield

Joy and Summer are joined by the engaging Rosaria Butterfield (author of The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert this week. She takes us to school on a variety of topics including sin, public engagement, how to love our neighbors who identify as gay, and why homeschooling is a good idea.

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