Theology for women, no doilies allowed.

#MeToo, But God

Unlike most viral trends inspired by mealy-mouthed feminist icons, my immediate reaction to this one was not repulsion—it was heartbreak. Waking up to see people I know and love posting "Me too" was a smack in the face. It started because Alyssa Milano tweeted: If...
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Christ Has Already Won

Sheologians has been critiqued for "only posting" about "negative" things. I learned in a counseling course never to use words like "always" and "never" because they are rarely ever truthful. It's true that we do post about "negative" things often, but we also post...

Bitter Betty’s

Joy answers why she thinks bitterness is one of the biggest problems facing women in the church today, and what we should do about it. Then they discuss their Feminist of the Week.

Peterson and the Ghosts in the Machine

The dismissal of the word arsenokoitai should have been everyone's first clue. The second should have been that Jonathan Merritt promised that the final installment of his interview with the author of The Message Bible, Eugene Peterson, would ignite "spirited...

How Feminist Are We?

You asked, we delivered. The girls buckled up to take Buzzfeed’s How Feminist Are You? quiz and the results might surprise you. Or not. The test hits quite a few big topics, like women in leadership, economics, capitalism, and what constitutes real freedom?

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