The girls tackle why you’re a liar if you try to tone/thought police everyone around you. How can we accurately judge speech? What is the difference between biblical love and what the culture says love is? Then they introduce their Feminist of the Week—an artist who thinks painting men as females somehow empowers women.

2:14 Joy proposes mopeds that can travel in water

2:50 The girls geek out over how deep the ocean is

3:40 The girls are very tired. Are there aliens at the bottom of the ocean?

4:20 The girls announce where the first Sheologians tour is going to take place

6:48 Let’s talk about the Gospel of Nice and the thought police

8:00 The root of thought policing is—you guessed it!—sin

12:10 How can you tell if someone is bitter, and what role does the local church play in personal sanctification?

14:30 How does thought policing make one a liar?

16:15 Is it ever appropriate to mock the foolishness of the world?

28:15 What is our goal with Feminist of the Week?

30:19 Summer addresses the “dichotomy” of NT commands to be kind/meek/gentle, while also cursing those who preach a false Gospel

35:22 Summer does not feel empowered by the Feminist of the Week—an artist who thinks making historical men into women is….artsy?