This week the girls have special guest Steven Bancarz on the show to talk New Age Jesus, who he is, and why he’s not the Jesus of Scripture. They also tackle yoga, meditation, and veganism. Do not miss this show!

2:45 The Southern Ocean is not a real thing

5:21 Joy introduces the wonderful Steven Bancarz

6:01 So, who is the New Age Jesus and what’s wrong with him? Is he dangerous?

13:30 How has the New Age view of Jesus begun to impact the church?

18:28 Is anything inherently demonic about New Age practices?

20:45 Steven explains exactly what yoga is. We expect many emails.

27:21 What do New Age beliefs and Feminism have in common? Steven becomes our new favorite guest in one sentence.

30:00 Why should Christians care about the roots of New Age practices?

32:45 Scripture makes a connection between drug use and the supernatural.

42:00 Steven discusses biblical healing versus New Age healing.

49:15 Has Steven run into Sye Ten Bruggencate at the maple syrup store?

51:15 Why would Steven hug his cat?