It started in the summer of 2016, when Summer Jaeger pontificated about the broken worldview Christian artists often employ in their poorly worded Amish romance novels and Joy the Girl from Apologia Radio couldn’t agree more. Next thing they knew, they were knitting in front of microphones and women worldwide couldn’t hit the SUBSCRIBE button on iTunes fast enough.

We are twenty-something, with backgrounds in English and mansplaining. Joy the Girl has been a part of Apologia Radio and Studios since its inception. Summer Jaeger has just hung around her dad, Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries, too much (or too little, depending on who you ask).
Sheologians started at the top of iTunes podcast charts and has garnered over one million downloads since it dropped in the fall of 2016. We planned on being a micropodcast, just long enough for you to listen to and fold a pile of laundry, but the shortness of the episodes angered the mob and some of their more notable guests (Rosaria Butterfield, Karen Swallow Prior, Dr. Jason Lisle, Steven Bancarz, and Jeff Durbin) stayed to chat awhile. No one has complained….yet.

We exist to fill a void many women in the Reformed camp feel. Culture, politics, art, our attitudes, our relationships, and the whole of our lives need to be viewed through a comprehensive Christian worldview. We hope to help put those lenses on while dissecting these issues, as well as provide a safe space for Calvinists to feel like they can laugh again. We hope to push back on the squishy, postmodern view of women that has infiltrated the church. We hope to be the antidote to the feminist-y presuppositional poison that so many are unaware they hold to.

Both of us are members in good standing at Reformed Baptist churches. Joy can be found serving in multiple areas of ministry, and Summer leads a weekly women’s study in her home.

So put on your slippers and try not to be offended, cause hardly any subject is off-limits (except baptism–don’t ask us about baptism).

©2021 Sheologians

©2021 Sheologians