Joy and Summer are here to outline all the reasons why 13 Reasons Why on Netflix was terrible. Rape, suicide, depression, teenage angst. It’s got a little bit of everything.



  1. Ian H.

    As a high school educator, thanks for breaking it down like this. My students are definitely watching this show, and I was already a little uncomfortable with the subject material. The points you raise, particularly about the non-solution proposed by the show (the glorification of suicide as the answer to life’s problems) are alarming, in no small part because, as you state, the show is aimed specifically at that age group. So again, thanks!

  2. Amie Metzger

    I have to agree with everything you said about this show. I watched the whole thing and kept saying “you idiot turn those tapes in!” But no they really made it about not being able to go to your parents or an adult. And that makes me sad that people feel that way. I knew a kid from high school who killed him self. He made that choice. His life was getting better (from what I saw and understood) but because he didn’t like the outcome or the chance he was getting to be adopted he killed himself. Obviously there had to be more to it but that was the story that his girlfriend told. My point is that the show really and I mean really dramatized the blame. Well it was still her choice just as it was his choice.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I couldn’t agree more!

  3. Jess Tanton

    I watched this show and I’m so glad you are speaking about this. I couldn’t watch it to the end and I completely agree with your points! Such a stupid show.

  4. Austin

    Hey Sheologians,

    I appreciate your podcast and that you did an episode on this show. It is so though provoking and even for those who like it, it’s hard to recommend to anyone. My one thought after listening to your 13 reasons- I wish you had moved the worldview ideas and thoughts on suicide to the top of your list. My reason for this critique is I felt that some of your early on points are a bit nit picky– but that’s just my opinion– where the more concerning things about the show are in the worldview. Something my wife and I couldn’t get over is how it promotes an idea that we can make others kill themselves– especially when we are fed that holding certain views as Christians has justified those who have taken their own lives. The worldview that a lot of secular people don’t hold is that those who take their own lives are not in their right mind, and where certain circumstances might reinforce the “reasons,” the issue is that the person in question needs help and counsel, not because other people have forced their hand.

  5. Patrch

    Thanks for your thoughts guys. I’m curious if you’ve gotten a chance to (or even want to) check out “Beyond the Reasons,” a half hour look into unpacking the show a bit more. I’d encourage you to. It helped me understand a bit more the big ideas that the producers were trying to articulate.

    God Bless guys.

  6. Amber Knowles

    I agree with most of what you said, however you said that Hannah didn’t deal with her rape, she just killed herself…that was not entirely true-she went to the counselor who accused her of “changing her mind.” I went through a similar situation where I tried to tell a police officer about what I felt was rape and he continued to say over and over, “are you sure you didn’t just change your mind?” How heart breaking to have that said to you when you’ve experienced that?! So on that point, I have to say I disagree.

  7. Jean Favor

    did you really understand the show? your review is so stupid. shows apathy. and you’re a christian?

    • Summer White

      I understood the show.
      Thanks for that insightful opinion.
      Apathy doesn’t usually include producing a podcast on a topic you’re apathetic about but, okay….
      Yes I’m a christian.

  8. Mary B.

    So, after listening, I wanted say, amen! And great job taking all of that time to dissect these things for us. One additional comment, though: when Clay made the comment about not loving Hannah, I didn’t really interpret that the same way. Clay obviously did love Hannah, but he kept his affection to himself. Hannah tried many times to give Clay the nod to pursue her as more than just a friend. But Clay pulled back every time. So, yes, the show was stupid and unredeemable — however, I think you may have missed this aspect. Yes, it is a stereotypical and unbelievable portrayl, but nonetheless, boys need to step up and make their affections known, rather than shrinking back out of fear, lack of confidence, or whatever other weakness they may perceive of themselves. It’s the first step in self-sacrificial love for their potential, future wife. Thanks for the episode.

  9. Gary

    It sounds like the real purpose of the show is to tell teenagers how to think and what to believe.

  10. Katy

    I enjoyed this podcast! One thing I couldn’t get past in the movie (other than the majorly graphic rape scenes that surprised me) was the fact that the kids used the F-bomb ALL the time! I know kids may swear….however, the amount they used the F word was over-the-top! I wish I hadn’t watched it…..but when I was checking out the first one…I was confused and wanted to watch the next one to help me figure out…then it just stuck. I had to go the whole way through to totally process the entire show! I would never ever recommend anyone to watch this show….especially teens.

    • Janelle Smith

      Thank you!!! I kept waiting for them to address this and it wasn’t even mentioned. That was one of the primary reasons I stopped watching it halfway through…seriously half of the dialogue is f bombs!!



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