Every now and then we take a break to discuss some of the crazier stories we have heard from around the world. In this episode Joy shares a crazy story (entirely from memory!) about a thief who had to make an insane choice—it is totally a “two roads diverged in the wood” moment, and you don’t want to miss it.

Summer closes out the episode by walking us through the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, and why we might know (but probably don’t know) what ever happened to it or its passengers.

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3:00 Where did “thinky-thoughts” come from, anyway?

5:50 Joy starts telling her crazy true-crime story from memory.  
38:00 Summer tells the story of flight MH370.



  1. Tamara

    Hi Summer & Joy! Thank you for such an interesting episode. I was hoping you could tell me the song played at the end please?

    • Summer Jaeger

      Sure! It’s “Son of a Widow” by mewithoutYou.

  2. Brittany

    Hi Summer and Joy!

    Where can I find the story about Matthew Han??

    I want to read up about it in more detail, but not necessarily the grim parts. I’ll just have to skip those!

    Thanks so much.

  3. Jeana

    Hi, just cleaning my bathroom listening to this episode; Joy was talking about the 3 strikes rule and the intentions behind it.
    I recently read a book “Just Mercy”
    By Bryan Stevenson.
    In his book he suggest that contractors /construction company’s saw an opportunity to make money on building prisons and so they are the ones that lobbied for the three strikes rule.
    In order to make a profit.
    Disclaimer- I think that’s how I understood it. Thought you might like to know. Something to think about. Very good book by the way and there’s a movie coming out about it. ??


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