This is a longer episode, and not everything that can be said is said in it. Our goal was to focus on God’s law, His love for justice, His love for victims, and how different we should handle these situations than the world is.

Would we love to have the chance to talk about the “Mike Pence” rule, or specific cases in the news, or whatever else have you attached to this topic? Yes. But that’s not today. Today we turn to an ancient text that offers more hope and freedom than you’ll find anywhere else in the world.


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1:00 Summer mentions the few conditions she would go camping under.

2:25 Joy does not recommend genetic testing on monkey’s.

4:00 Summer introduces a new kind of “count” and the two things she will tell you about her husband.

10:15 Do not miss this story about rabid packs of tumbleweeds.

13:40 Does putting a time stamp on a compliment make it an insult?

15:27 Christians and the viral #MeToo, some clarifications and questions.

23:00 Are there ways in which the world has influenced more of our response to sexual assault than Scripture has?

26:30 Why can’t our culture emulate God’s standards for sexual ethics?

28:15 What does the Old Testament even have to do with how we view ethics and laws in our modern world?

30:00 There is a major disconnect between our society’s idea of justice and God’s standards of justice. Why did God punish rape as harshly as murder?

38:00 By grasping the case laws presented in Deuteronomy 22, we can grasp how God views sexual ethics, marriage, rape, abuse, and victims. Come along for the ride. *Please note that this is a brief overview and not everything that can be said about these case laws will be said here. We have a main focus and we tried to stick to that purpose.*

48:00 What does God say to victims and why is it so important?

50:00 What is different about the shame that victims often experience? What do we do with that?

54:20 What is one of the problems with the “power” narrative going on in discussions around this topic?

59:00 Is there a litmus test for who can help and love victims well?

1:01:00 What did God do with false accusers and how do we live in light of it in our communities and socially?

1:07:10 Joy brings up something that really upsets a lot of people….but hopefully you can hear the reminder, encouragement, and love in it.



  1. Ron lindner

    This is a really good and tough topic. Well done with it. My wife and I have talked about the idea that the traditional way of interpreting the story of David and bathsheba may not be best. Usually she is called an adulterer as well as david. She is even called a seductress. Was she simply a victim of a sexual assult by a powerful leader? Did she have a choice? Yell out? Scripture is silent other then she is never accused by God for her involvement. What do you all think?

  2. Aemi

    This was so good. I never thought about God’s law from that angle before: that the objective was to make the victim whole.
    Our culture is wandering around in a fog of pain, and it seems they would rather stay there. If people get angry about this episode, it will be because you offer actual solutions and options for actual justice. For me, though, it was refreshing for my soul. I’ve listened to most of your episodes and this is the best one.



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