This week we open up the mailbox and answer your questions, comments, concerns, and snide remarks. What is new wave feminism anyway? How do you talk to an egalitarian pro-LGBT “Christian” feminist? What’s up with new age practices in the church? Is it okay to be premillennial? This episode is basically a quick run-through of our thought process when we get your messages!


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5:20 What makes Summer cry?

9:00 What are “New Wave Feminists”? Who are the “pro-life feminists”?

10:55 What is the song in our newest commercial?

12:46 “God told me to buy a bikini.” Is that really a thing?

14:40 “Am I wrong for not being dispensational?”

15:55 “My friend is an egalitarian, pro-LGBT ‘Christian’ feminist….” How do we talk to friends we adamantly disagree with?

20:40 A lot of messages and comments are coming in about people recognizing new age practices happening in evangelical churches.

24:55 Someone asked us to comment on a quote from Rachel Held Evans newest book. It’s a real gem.

29:30 Voicemail shout outs!


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  1. Pearl Philip

    Really appreciate how you explained the biblical response to heretical “Christian” literature. Also thanks for the book recommendations from a couple of weeks ago! May God always keep you true to His word. I’m a big fan of sheologians. Got to remind myself that even sheologians is not infallible but I can pray that God would help you stick to the narrow path. Y’all are ministering to so many budding sheologians like myself!


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