We all know Disney’s worldview, and we know that often it is squarely against ours. We ought not be surprised when they tell our children to believe something that we wouldn’t want them to believe. 

But is that the deepest we can think on this issue? Is there a reason why Disney movies are so popular and effective, while Christian films typically are not? What do we DO about this? Join us and a surprise guest to think through media with a Christian worldview!



  1. C.J.

    Are y’all familiar with Dr. Markos’ book “Myth Made Fact?” I heard an interview with Dr. Markos and he talked about how even pagans share stories with God’s themes without even knowing about it, because they can’t help it! The book I mentioned is about Greek myths and pulling out the themes to use to point back to the truth of God!

  2. C.J.

    What was the website Marcus mentioned? I couldn’t search it.

    • Katie

      Was it http://www.loor.tv ? (I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, just know that is what Marcus Pitman is working o these days and making a guess)

  3. Jessica Lundstrom

    This episode was IMMENSELY helpful! I am a mom of 6, and entertainment has been a controversial topic for me. I’m watching some of the fruition of my POOR decisions by being too rigid, but I’m also trying to maintain a standard. I need to rethink the way I think about art and entertainment.



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