I don’t know about you, but when I hear the phrase “biblical womanhood”, I think of women on Twitter who are upset that there are other groups of women who throw Jane Austen parties to celebrate a time when Biblical womanhood was thing. In fact, we don’t actually think of Bible verses or strong definitions, or something to strive for—we think of how offended the phrase often makes us. It’s truly no wonder, given how confused our generation is about how many genders there are, that the church has drifted toward such animus for the phrase. But we are, after all, the “people of the Book.” We believe that God HAS defined gender for us, and not in such a way as to leave us clueless as to what he requires from us. We CAN know what Biblical womanhood is, and we can honor God when we strive to fulfill our roles as he has defined them.  

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2:00 All the reasons why Joy would be Rapunzel if she were a Disney princess.


4:00 Trinity College in Dublin smells amazing.


8:50 All the reasons why we need you to subscribe to sheologians.com and share the good stuff (not just our stuff!).


11:42 Why are we talking about “biblical womanhood”?


16:00 Why any discussion of roles has to start in Genesis.


20:00 Gasp! We talk about the s-word.


25:42 The significance of God speaking to women about “adornment” in 1 Peter.


31:10 What are the things that the Bible designates at inherently feminine?


36:45 How women fulfilling their roles is a lynchpin of God’s creation order.


44:10 This is a really obvious statement but….marriage & children don’t make you a woman, and “weaker vessel” is not a dirty phrase.


51:00 Final thoughts and encouragement for women.


54:22 Joy introduces the Feminist of the Week, which is a poll about how you like to eat your bacon.



  1. Crystal

    Thank you for speaking on this! And so many other subjects. I appreciate your words that come straight from the Bible! I truly hope my daughter can listen to these as well.

  2. Sharon VanderVeen

    Excellent! I so much appreciated this podcast – I am going to recommend it to my daughter and daughter-in-laws. I loved this!

  3. Marco Marcello

    Awesome girls. Biblical womanhood is glorious. Especially against the backdrop of our degenerative culture. If its His will, I hope God one day blesses me with a wife and daughters that exemplify what you spoke about.

  4. Donna

    Do you know Karen Swallow Pryor believes it is more important to save animals then babies.

  5. Liz

    Summer, it feels like you’re quoting someone or verse with “beautify, glorify, remake” could you give a reference?

    • Summer White

      Kind of, yes! Rebekah Merkle has some ideas for the goals of womanhood in her book, Eve in Exile. She lists 5, and devotes a chapter to each of them. A lot of what we talked about encapsulates what she talked about in that latter section of the book. You should REALLY pick up a copy and read it, if you haven’t yet!

      • LIZ

        Oh! I’m in the middle of it (slowest reader ever). I must not be there yet. Thanks for the response!


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