I remember being told several years ago that a company was figuring out how to run blood tests without having to intravenously draw blood with a needle and I was positively over the moon. I am the kind of person who is hard-to-stick, and blood draws leave me horribly bruised for weeks. 

The company that was promising to solve this problem, Theranos, was a multi-billion dollar company that was rolling out their new technology in my home state. Unfortunately, that multi-billion dollar company is worth less than zero now, and the technology never existed. Today, I am going to tell you the story of Elizabeth Holmes and a scandal on an international scale that is truly mind-blowing.



  1. D Marsh

    First time listening to your podcast and I am disappointed with the lack of organization and lack of introductions of who is speaking. One of the ladies sounds like she’s been drinking with all the inappropriate giggling and joking. I came here because I watched Mrs summer talk on feminism in 2016 whic h was awesome. Very disappointed .how is this billions documentary relevant to anything except for the psychopath that the Theranos woman is.

  2. Catherine

    I thought this story was super interesting. I am old enough to remember this if I had heard anything about it, but I don’t remember a thing about this and I live in California. I like stories like this and thought Summer did a good job of giving us the facts of this story. I agree with what you say, emotional stories can bend people to believe something, whether it’s correct or not. Good job on this one.

  3. Kurt

    As much as you gals like true crime, I’m surprised you haven’t had as a guest your own Dr. Robyn Hall. Listening to her now on Cultish.

    Interesting that you brought up this story of Theranos. I had just been comparing it to the recent incident with Surgisphere and #LancetGate. (Whatever one’s opinions are on HCQ is not the point in this story.) This guy doesn’t have the investor base that Holmes did, but he’s clever in that his “product” of anonymous data is protected against any third party verification. Unlike the Edison device, there’s no objective standard against which anonymous data can be tested.


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