This week, for the first time ever, we are pulling from the archives! We had no idea when we released this episode two years ago that it would end up being a listener favorite. For some reason, this is the singular episode people bring up the most often in-person. Joy shared with Summer that she felt bitterness was the issue that was bogging women in the church down the most, so the girls took an episode to dive deeper into that. So listen with a grain of salt, and remember there’s no such thing as a terrible day you can’t make worse by being a Bitter Betty!

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1:30 You discover how old this episode is, because we discuss the FUTURE “Toy Story 4” and wow, do we really talk about Pixar this often?

2:30 Joy announces how little pretense Summer is capable of. 
3:57 We describe how we got to this topic and dive in.



  1. Chelsea F

    Loved this! Agree, 1000%

    Question, in light of your comments regarding your feminist of the week: what pronouns do you use with transgendered people, when speaking to them or about them with mutual friends? My husband and I settled on “they/them” in order to not lie by saying “she/her” about his biologically male co-worker, who my husband has been building a relationship with to reach with the gospel and to just be a good neighbor to someone who is hurting and struggling. This person is coming to our home for dinner this week, and our consciences simply do not allow us to call them female or introduce them as such to our children. (We typically have our children call adults Miss/Mr *first name*, but this seems awkward and weird in this case) I know you guys will have some great thoughts. ?The ladies at my church sympathize, but simply have not had practical solutions.

    “This looks like a job for (cue super hero narrator)… ROSARIA BUTTERFIELD! And her faithful sidekicks…THE SHEOLOGIANS!!!”

    • Summer Jaeger

      Hi Chelsea!
      I definitely think it is important that we don’t join in on lie, but I also think these up-close-and-personal discipleship moments don’t always call for truth with a 2 x 4. If you taking a hard-line stance on pronouns is going to shut down all possibility of conversation, it sounds like this weird middle ground you and your husband are offering up is a good idea. There’s just no cookie cutter answer. My dad talked about this a bit in this episode of the Dividing Line that I would recommend (starting around the 20 minute mark):

      Hope that is helpful!

      • Chelsea

        That was very helpful, Summer. Thanks! You posted this after our dinner, and we had decided to forthcoming and tell our trans guest where we were coming from and how we intended to refer to them moving forward. They were understanding and kind, and said they’d like to come back!


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