After a brief discussion about what we are currently reading and what a Reformer-themed restaurant would look like, we think about the kind of unbelief that leads us to tell ourselves we aren’t “meant” for what God has put on our plates. If you’ve ever been tempted to think that everyone else must have such an easier time with their duties than you do, this discussion is for you!


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  1. Ashlee DiMare

    I love the feminist of the week! I saw her earlier in the week… cringe!

    I have been considering leaving my job (which pays really good $) in the public school setting, since last March because of human sexuality K-12 requirements… YEAWEH opened a door and I know I will stwep through it. But the world is making it feel so scary and impossible financially. I know God will provide.

    I will teach at a classical Christian school, for half the pay, in opposition of teachers like her..
    My treasure is in heaven. Please pray for me.


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©2021 Sheologians

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