We have specifically not spent a lot of time discussing food on Sheologians before. Why? Because it is so divisive in so many circles, and because we hadn’t thought to ask Doug Wilson about it, yet! His book, Confessions of a Food Catholic, is a fabulous primer on how we should think through our meals together. Moms are often laden with food-guilt issues without even knowing it. We are concerned for our appearance, so we make food laws. Our nation is laden with sexual sin, so we find out righteousness in “locally sourced” foods that we turn into fertilizer in our backyards. But the Christian life isn’t about food righteousness, and the New Testament actually spends time speaking to this, so we should spend time thinking through it. Coming to the table of the Lord in peace with one another is a huge deal, and our bodies are supposed to be spent in service to the Lord. How do we balance all of these things? Pastor Doug Wilson shares some edifying Biblical wisdom on how not to be stuck in bondage to your next meal.

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4:00 Why our podcast is not for you.

6:57 Why is this episode even happening?
9:17 Why would we have Doug Wilson on to talk about food?
12:02 How has food become a practical pastoral problem?
13:40 Is Doug Wilson just being nit-picky? Who did he write a food book for, anyway?
17:20 Are you in bondage to food, and how can you tell?
19:35 God doesn’t care what you eat. It can be spinach or a Twinkie. He cares HOW we eat.
21:15 What does food have to do with a culture of sexual perversion and baby murder?
24:26 So, is Wilson advocating that we live by donuts alone and don’t care for how we feed ourselves?
29:27 Why does Joy think this topic is important for our audience?
34:20 What does fatherlessness have to do with food issues?
37:14 What is Doug Wilson’s favorite ice cream flavor?
38:45 How do we make distinctions, caveats, and qualifications in a God-honoring way? (Stick around for this, it is so helpful!!!)
49:00 Encouragement if you don’t feel you can bless people with your cooking.



  1. Hamilton

    Awesome topic. Not discussed as much as it should be. Very insightful and in some ways, convicting. Love Doug Wilson. Thanks much guys!

  2. Lux Coke

    In God’s providence, this episode was released at a very good time for me. My dad has fallen to the idol of “nutritarianism”, and has very recently taken to twisting the Scripture to justify his sin. I have struggled with figuring out how to give a balanced response to him. This interview was very helpful to me. I just ordered Wilson’s book and I look forward to reading it. Keep up the good work.

  3. Jayna

    How do you handle when people, especially other Christians, give you a hard time about not putting only organic, whole foods into your body or if in a group setting don’t bring that type of food to share?

  4. Meg Carlin

    Summer, what service does your husband use to listen to all his books? I cannot find an audio version of this book anywhere. Thank you!

    • Summer White

      He uses his phone’s screen reader to read Kindle books/PDFs to him. 🙂

  5. Eugin

    Thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.

  6. Jess

    As someone who is extremely gluten sensitivite & chooses to not eat meat, this episode had me raising my eyebrows. My family (who are all Christian) are extremely supportive and encouraging. I have family with food sensitivities/preferences and it’s never been an issue. Community group meetings with our church have something for everyone. Whether it’s meat alternatives, or dairy alternatives. Someone’s convinctions or sensitivities shouldn’t offend me (Looks like we all could review romans 14:13-23). I’ve never had someone in my home I couldn’t find something for. I feel so loved and cared for when someone thinks of me when my food preferences while cooking & I love to make people feel loved when I do the same. There is the potential for community building through personal convictions.

    Side note: just because something doesn’t make you got to the ER/die, doesn’t mean it doesn’t make you sick. I’m not celiac, but if I have gluten, my whole body gets swollen and I can’t think straight.

    I love y’all, but sometimes the judgement is a lot. I listened to the whole episode thinking “these ladies have never had a reaction to food”

    • Summer White

      Well, that’s quite a wrong judgment on your part 🙂

      I have had reactions to food, and know how miserable it is. If you walked away thinking that we don’t care if you have a reaction tofood, with all due respect, you missed the the point. Neither we nor Doug advocates for that and used the most extreme example of WHY it’s unkind to dismiss legitimate food allergies for the sake of clarity. But legitimate food allergies is not who the book was for and Doug said that at the outset.

  7. Lizzie Sur

    I am curious if the book goes into the scriptural support of not having to follow/ obey Old Testment dietary laws because of what Christ has done in making all things know, for the person that doesn’t think the New Testment doesn’t teach that we are not required to still follow OT laws.


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