Scripture gives us a holistic view of who we are in body, mind, and spirit. Since God made us each in His image, both male and female, we can know that He has a purpose for us in our gender. But we live in a culture that hates what God has said about who we are, and how we should live. We know that the feminists by and large get the concept of womanhood really wrong. But sometimes the church does, too. So what’s so great about being a woman anyway?


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10:47 Feminism is bad, and we have established that. But what is so great about being a woman, anyway?

15:30 What about the beauty of women?

19:56 Women were meant to work. And feminine work IS work.

23:20 Part of the female design is growing and giving birth to babies, and that’s actually a really great thing that our culture wants to suppress.

28:27 Women doing feminine work is transformative to culture.

31:36 A discussion about submission, and what it means to be the “glory of man”.

37:09 When women are behaving in accord with God’s design for them, what will that practically look like?



  1. Megan

    I listened to this while driving so I couldn’t wrote down the name of the book you suggested. What was it called?

    • Summer White

      Eve in Exile!!!! By Rebekah Merkle



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