While we have political candidates running on a platform that claims the Earth’s demise is around the corner lest we take drastic measures, most of us that trust in God know this is not the case. But do we know why? What is our responsibility towards caring for God’s creation, anyway? How do we help our neighbors understand this? 

Most of us can fit in to a few categories on the topic of environmentalism or conservationism ranging from apathetic to activist. But you know us. We believe that Scripture has given us all that we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). This means that we CAN look to Scripture to know what our duty is toward God’s creation. 

Over the next couple months we are inviting some of our favorite Christian scientists to walk through this topic and really help us think through some of the questions and issues we raise in this episode. Join us!

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1:00 Summer finally finds a reason to go to the dentist.

4:40 Joy is completely right about what one of the best Disney movies is.

12:44 Joy explains why we are doing a series on this topic. 

16:40 Joy explains why she thinks this is something Christians should be thinking about.

22:40 Summer discusses why she’s gone from being apathetic to caring re: our responsibility. 

24:00 What is the Dominion Mandate?

28:00 What should happen when environmentalism & individual freedom collide?



  1. Flo

    This is super interesting and very close to my heart, because I studied environmental science for a while, but found it was WAY too political. That was back in the very early 80’s when they were just starting to warn about global warming.

    I have a comment and a related question:

    You were saying that if a person owns the property, they have the right to do what they want with it. Likewise, we personally have the right to use as much plastic as we would like without the government getting involved and regulating us. I agree when it comes to certain things that do not affect others at all. For example, painting the rooms in my house, what color clothes I wear, what job I have or what studies I choose to pursue.
    BUT what about things that affect others in the neighborhood, state or globally? Like removing rain forests which can affect the entire globe? Or using and discarding piles and piles of plastics that get into our water systems and cause disruptions in hormones etc. (I need to check on the hormone thing, but I’ve heard for a long time that plastics are pseudo-estrogens …. sometimes causes me to wonder about the feminization of men – not excusing that issue (feminization of men), but it’s something that I wonder about in my overly busy brain).

    Understand, I am coming from a Christian perspective and I love you guys. Summer, my husband and I have been listening to your Dad for a long time and we found our church because of him 🙂

  2. Susanne

    About the dentist, I had a pain in my tooth and don’t have insurance because I also
    have great teeth, so I called a few dentists- and it was minimally $250. for checking me and x-rays. We went to the Netherlands, I went to a dentist there, they checked everything and did xrays and they charged me 34 euros! (out of pocket, no insurance).

  3. Leah Smith

    I am so excited for this series. My husband, kids and I moved to the country 4 years ago as we wanted raise more of our own food. A year ago a hog cafo applied for permits to set up in our small town. I have heard varying arguements, from multiple side of the issue. Interestingly, many christians choose to stay away from the topic.
    Personally, the stewardship of my land and animals is something very dear to my heart as it is all God’s creation. Thank you ladies for diving into this subject!


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