For many of us, Answers In Genesis has been a huge help as we went through our high school and college years in various courses of study that insisted that the Genesis account was a silly fiction. We couldn’t be more excited to have Ken Ham and Dr. Georgia Purdom from AiG join us in this episode to give us helpful answers to very common questions: why does the creation account matter? What should we know about it? Join us! 

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3:00 For some reason, we swap a few embarrassing stories from our week. 

10:00 Ken Ham and Dr. Georgia Purdom join us and tell us why they do the work they do.

16:30 Why does it matter what we believe about the creation account?

20:35 How is the creation account different or the same as accounts from the same area/historical time period?

24:40 How should we view the Dominion Mandate?

31:00 What is special about Earth?




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