Today we have a discussion about critique and encouragement because they are ultimately related to each other. Far from being opposites, critique and encouragement can go hand-in-hand. We are thinking of these concepts as things that Christians should be good at, but far too often we fail horribly in them (yes, all of us!). We consider:

  • When being critical is a virtue & when it is a vice. 
  • What does Christian encouragement look like? What does it accomplish?
  • What critique should & shouldn’t do.
  • How does being overly critical effect relationships?
  • How do we test ourselves in this?

So join us, think through this with us, and let’s be sharpened together!




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  1. Lori S.

    My rule of thumb for social media is don’t post anything publicly that I couldn’t say to a person face to face.

    Plus, I’m on the Board of Directors for my community association and may be the only believer, so I’m hoping and praying I’ll have gospel opportunities.


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©2021 Sheologians

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