The team reassembles for part two of their crossover this week to discuss the pop-culture alien phenomenon. Bob Lazar really kicked this off in the late 80’s when he claimed to be a whistleblower about alien technology being worked on at Area 51, a top-secret government base just north of Las Vegas. 

So what does this have to do with us? Do we believe in aliens? Can a Christian believe in aliens? How do we speak to our family members who might be interested in this stuff? Tune in!

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Beginning-ish: Who was Bob Lazar?

Middle-ish: How do we handle his claims?

End-ish: What does this have to do with the Christian worldview?



  1. Jeff

    Ladies love the show! Hey please check the facts about hypno birthing ! It’s not hypnosis at all!! Look up the Morgan method it’s the original method , it basically consist of being relaxed and allowing your body to naturally allow the baby through the birth canal not by petosin or other drugs . Your friend who said she had a supernatural experience must have been doing something different please please look into this there is a great channel called organic child birthing on YouTube that explains it’s just about breathing and relaxing !!!!! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HYPNOSIS
    God bless you ladies!

  2. Lewis

    For what it’s worth “element 115”, aka Moscovium, has been synthesized by people since 2003, that we know of. Who knows what happened in secret earlier on. It’s a highly radioactive element with a half life of 0.65 of a second. Whatever you’re doing with it, you’d better be quick…


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