Hi, my name is Summer, and three of my friends know a lot more about “alien sightings” than I do. The triple J’s (our Joy, and Jeff & Jerry of Cultish) and I got together and they schooled me on why this discussion is not new. Did you know that humanity has been taking drugs in an attempt to contact to the other side since….well…the dawn of history? Did you know that many of the people doing this today have gigantic followings and think they’re speaking to aliens? Did you know that Scripture speaks directly to this issue? Tune in and find out how!

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3:45 Why in the world are we discussing this weird topic?

11:15 What is a “materialist” and why is this definition relevant to this discussion?

14:48 Why is Joy interested in a discussion about aliens in the first place?

19:30 Actual “contact” with other entities happens, right?

26:00 Why would speaking against this matter?

31:35 Do New Age practices actually produce positive results?

35:24 What does Scripture mean by “pharmakia”?

42:00 Is the biblical worldview regarding drugs, “Don’t do drugs!”?



  1. Di Andrea

    Gotta say: y’all lost me a few times lol. I think I’m one of those people that just rather dismiss it, but I can kinda see some understanding in learning about it to engage those who deal in this…

    Thanks guys!

  2. Rachael Markley

    My in laws were recently telling me about a documentary they watched called Alien Invasion where they were talking to Alien experts. I haven’t found it to see but they told me about a passing comment that was really interesting. A bunch of interviewers who spoke to people visited by aliens had heard accounts of abductions stopping immediately if the victim used Jesus’ name, but most didn’t think it was relevant and didn’t record it.



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