This week Joy dissects the curious case of Benjaman Kyle—a man who woke up behind a dumpster in 2004 and couldn’t remember his name, or where he had been for the previous 21 years of his life. Good samaritans embark on a mission to help him find his identity. He ends up all over the news, on Dr. Phil, and with groups all over the country wanting to help. But did Benjaman want help? Did he really forget who he was? Was he on the run? Listen and find out!


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  1. Christy Kohl

    This was fun to listen to! Just wanted to say that Boulder, CO is actually super cool and especially in the 60’s/70’s, was kind of a hippie slash rich kid place to live! My dad grew up there so I felt like I had to defend it as a place I could totally see someone wanting to go to haha.


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