We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to discuss what is weighing on (I’m going to guess) almost all of us. So much upheaval is happening all at once around us. Between coronavirus restrictions, riots, racial conflict, and a news cycle that would drive anyone insane, we take a minute to discuss what it looks like to be faithful during this time and how to analyze the current cultural moment. Why are riots happening? Why does there seem to be no end to the madness? How do we keep composed in the middle of it?  

Come and reason with us!

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10:00 Why are we bothering? 

17:00 What does faithfulness in this moment look like?

22:30 How do we engage and respond like Christians to the New Religion?

 32:30 Christ is supreme. So now what?




  1. Taylor T

    I would love love love if you have a Samsung Galaxy S10E case!!! NEED! <3 Love you gals, thanks for showing up for us each week!

  2. Jessie

    Just thank you. Truth is a sword that just sliced through this culture like butter. Thank you for your boldness and faithfulness.

    • Rebecca

      I know you said you’d rather not do this episode but I’m glad that you did. Thank you. Though, like you said, you don’t owe it to us, it is so good and so encouraging to hear voices rising above the worldly droning, speaking Truth with boldness and love, pointing us back to Scripture. God bless you both.

  3. Carol Hammontree

    Spot. On.
    When Truth doesn’t line up with what the world is telling us, believers most come to grips on which side to stand. This is our foundation, our place on which to build how we view the world. Truth doesn’t jump around, it stays put. We must ask for wisdom and walk forward in the fruits of God’s Spirit.

  4. Tia Kerwin

    Great talk!! I so enjoyed your show today and how you remind everyone nit to listen to the ungodly and how this “new religion” that’s being purported has zero mercy, zero grace. Praise God for His redeeming grace through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    Your fellow sister in Jesus, Tia

  5. Amy

    THANK YOU for speaking Truth! I could not agree more and you communicated so clearly. Thank you!!

  6. Sara

    Hi there!

    I’m from Montreal (Quebec) and have been listening to you for a while now. I love your show and agree on a lot of things, but I had to speak out on this one.
    I also think that, according to Scriptures, sin is the root of racial issues. But I don’t think that because it’s an individual issue, we shouldn’t also be treating the social issue of racism, that’s been in the system since the slaves were first brought here. I can’t help but think of Martin Luther King Jr. in the civil rights movements, who was a christian. He was addressing the issue, and it helped us see and treat black people as equals before God. If he hadn’t stood and protested, black people would probably not have the same rights as ours today. And I believe, looking at the rates of police brutality, killings, arrestations, incarceration of black people, that they still don’t, and we still don’t treat them as equal.
    So, don’t you think that, as christians, we have the obligation to stand for the oppressed (Jeremiah 22:3; proverbs 31:8-9)? Now, hear me well, I am not saying that we should participate in riots and brutality, and I do believe that it’s with the Good Words of the Gospel that we can really help our neighbours and bring people to repentance; but I think that we shouldn’t dismiss the voices of black people calling us in distress. We should extend our hand to them, and yes, we should listen.
    What do you think? I’m still praying and reflecting on the issue, so I know i might be wrong, or maybe I’m misinterpreting Scriptures. I wanna discuss on the subject.
    And I repeat it, I love your show and the wisdom you’re bringing me on various subjects, don’t take this badly!
    Thanks a lot, and sorry if there are english mistakes, my first language is French hehe!

  7. Mal

    Any resources you recommend about the police state topic you mentioned? Not sure where to begin educating myself more about this.

  8. Lori S.

    Good Podcast, Ladies. Thanks for speaking the truth in love with tough controversial issues in which we are the minority viewpoint. Satan may seem alive and well in the deception of the church, but his days are numbered. Amen and amen!


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