When we first started studying feminism, we ran across the Bechdel Test—a test by which people determined if women were represented well enough in fiction. “Well-enough” would be two women speaking to each other, specifically not about a man.

We laughed at the test then (because would a story about a man fighting a bear in the woods really NEED to pass this test?) but the discussion about representation in media has been front and center the last couple years. So in this episode we tackle the question of representation: what is it? Does it matter? How should Christians think about it? Our answer may (or may not) surprise you.


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2:00 Who would represent us in our life-story-movie?

5:20 Country music corner.

14:20 How this is a continuation of our discussion around social justice in film/what is the Bechdel test?

17:00 How is this personal for Summer?

20:00 Why we don’t mind Jordan Peele’s decision to only represent black main characters.

21:40 What are the assumptions within this conversation we should disagree/agree with?



  1. Chelsea

    The country music corner: I died. I laughed so hard I snorted (I am not an emotive person). My husband’s favorite music is country. My least favorite music is modern country, followed closely by elevator jazz, and “The Pina Colada Song”. I am all over that mustasched man music video, and will totally Mystery Science Theater 3000 the heck out of it.

    I have a feeling I may enjoy it more than the “Literal Singing” of Bright Eyes.

  2. Kelty

    Now I find myself singing “Every Light in the House is On” as I walk through the house and see that, thanks to my children, literally every light in the house is on.


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