If you’ve been awake for the last decade, you’re aware that public discourse around abuse has been steadily evolving, for both good and ill. Many don’t question statistics, regardless of where they come from or what they include. “Rape culture”, for example, is the statistic that says 1 in 4 women in the US will experience rape. This statistic is only possible by taking acts that are NOT rape (such as catcalling, unwanted advances) into account, thereby rendering the statistics completely useless. 

A lot of damage is done by this dishonesty, and most of this damage comes at the expense of actual victims. In our pursuit of holiness, we must not allow the world’s narrative to define good and evil for us. We must not allow abuse of any kind to be minimized or magnified in order to advance a narrative. We must be able to speak the truth, and refuse to be total jerks, especially when everyone else around us wants us to believe we are.


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2:00 Summer recounts her battle with the flu, and we share a couple holiday stories.

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23:30 Joy introduces this week’s topic. 



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