If you grew up in public school, there are likely ways in which egalitarian thinking needs to be weeded out of your brain. For decades we have taught our children that no one deserves more or less of anything else. The average American could not explain what a God-given right is (feel free to fact check this by asking the average 30 year old about universal healthcare). 

In this episode we discuss ways that Christian might be accidentally egalitarian. Is it effecting how you parent? How you carry yourself? Do you bristle when you hear about “being on your husband’s mission”? Let’s chat!



  1. GeeMae

    This is such a great episode!! My husband and I were just discussing this and having these same types of conversations. Our church denomination is nationally having a vote in the coming months about women in ministry and should we “ordain” them. We are praying diligently about the outcome of this and trusting God will open the eyes of His people.
    So glad to hear more thoughts on this topic and help broaden our thoughts on this topic.
    Sheologians is such a blessing in my life and I thank God for you both!

  2. Deborah Morgan

    I love your podcasts but a lot of time is wasted with silly conversation up front. I have limited time to listen. I would prefer if you got straight to the topic and save the shenanigans for off air. Thanks and good luck


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©2021 Sheologians

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