Everyone wants to be a reformer until it is time to do the reforming things. The reforming things are hard. Sometimes they cost you your job, your friends, your invitation to family dinners, your reputation, your comfort. They might even cost you your life.

In this episode, we want to tell you the story of some of the reformers who gave up their lives for the sake of Christ. In their giving, we have been blessed. The Western world owes much to the Scottish covenanters, and their names are rarely named in history books. Reformation is revival, and it is something we need very badly in our time.  




  1. Liv Bristol

    Pardon me for again posting comments on old episodes…but I just discovered this one and let me tell you, I LOVE the Covenanters!! I read Fair Sunshine a year or so ago and was deeply moved. Since then, I’ve acquired quite a few volumes on the Covenanters, and so I was thrilled to listen to this episode.

    Joy, thank you for reminding me of John Nisbet; I had forgotten about him. Summer, Richard Cameron is one of my *favorites*; thank you for telling people about him. The Covenanters are so important in our history as Reformed Christians and Americans; thanks to both y’all for sharing these stories!! (If you ever did a follow-up episode on the Solway martyrs, Margaret Wilson and Margaret McLachlan, I think that would really put the “her” in “Covenant-her-s”. 😁)

  2. Cara

    Only recently found this episode, it’s so good! I’ve actually visited the Covenanters’ Memorial in Greyfriars Kirkyard and the places where they used to hang/burn them round the corner in Grassmarket.

    From a Scottish listener:
    Sanquhar – san-kar
    Glasgow – glaz-go
    Edinburgh – ed-in-bur-ra
    Purves – purr-viss



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