This week Joy is back in the Studio and the girls are joined by wife, mom, published author, professional singer/songwriter, and entrepreneur, LEAH. Let’s talk being a working-stay-at-home mom! Is it Biblical? Can it be done? And don’t miss our new favorite segment, Podcasting Tips. What kind of microphone does Summer use? (Hint: it’s not what you think!)



  1. Valentina Brackett

    So we’ve been talking about building walls at church (the Nehemiah ones, not the other kind) and I’ve literally just decided, after much prodding from my husband, to take him up on his offer to check out his buddy’s recording studio. We went yesterday and stayed for about three hours longer than we had intended. Which was awesome! The guy even showed hubby how to do some things on the software. When we got home, Will was so inspired that he started banging on our crappy drum kit to work on his beats. I’m the drummer but I keep telling him he needs to learn so I can take him on the road with me 🙂

    All this to say that you guys are awesome and I’ve really enjoyed your podcasts since a friend sent me here and I especially love this episode with the super famous recording chick. She’s pretty awesome too! Now I’m super inspired to know there’s a method to the madness and that hubby can and will most definitely help me in answering this calling that I’ve had for years now to pursue music. The avenues are there, the support is there, and most amazingly, God is there. This goes for anyone. Don’t ignore the call. You ARE good enough and will get even better at whatever it is that he’s having you do. I haven’t arrived yet but man am I ready to take off.

    God bless and thank you for reading my ramblings 🙂

    -Val (soon to be aka Grace Pevensie)

  2. Janice

    Thanks, ladies. This was a fun episode. And hey to Leah from a fellow BC gal! I just want to focus in on one area that Leah was talking about (around the 16 minute mark)… First, she (rightly) mentioned the importance of priorities when pursuing how to use your gifts. That’s a super important point that I hope listeners really take to heart. Our roles as servants of the Lord, wives and mothers must be at the very top of that list. And for sure we can have multiple vocations and callings in life.

    But these two statements: “God has a plan for you to use all your gifts and callings” and “He can make a way for you to not compromise on those things” could have been clarified a little to avoid confusion. Most definitely, when we have our priorities straight, the Lord may choose to bless our dreams and the work we do with our natural gifts.

    But I think the key is to recognize that He *may* bless those dreams and provide ways to use our gifts. Or He may not – regardless of whether we have rightly prioritized. Throughout human history many faithful men and women have had to let go of their dreams and using natural gifts in order to provide for their families or even just to survive. Factors such as poverty, illness, persecution, lack of access to education, and many others play into this as well. Each of those happen under the guidance and permission of God’s sovereign hand as well (and even those hardships can be for our good). So while many, if not most of us may not ever meet our “full potential” in this life as far as it relates to skills and dreams, we can still live for and celebrate the glory of God in our lives.

    Leah’s is a great (and inspiring!) example of a family working creatively together “outside the box” to provide a successful living for themselves. I’d just hate to see a young mom who is seeking to branch out with (for example) a home business (with her priorities straight), putting everything she’s got into it, trusting the Lord, and then fall flat on her face wondering why God didn’t honour her efforts. Sometimes, even often, He simply has other, better plans for us. 🙂


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