Joy and Summer have the privilege of talking with Trisha Ramos of Fish with Trish about how to evangelize–even when it’s hard. Then we get to hear her evangelizing live on a university campus and even Summer and Joy join in on the fun. Don’t miss this one!

Here are some photos of Steven while talking to Trish, Summer and Joy. Keep him in your prayers.

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  1. Janice

    “Redeem The Mundane” this quote.
    Great podcast! Thank you!

  2. Casey

    I have listened to the website for the jewelry twice and I still missed the website. Can some one please tell me what it is?

  3. Janice

    Best podcast yet, ladies! I hope you will have more like this with live witnessing conversations. Trisha shared many excellent suggestions and encouragements. Great stuff!

  4. Janelle Weir

    Liked the podcast but could you put links in the description? I’m not sure where that jewelry website was had a similar problem with other things you’ve recommended in previous episodes.

  5. Megan M.

    In regards to sharing the gospel as a woman and particularly a mom, since becoming a mom in april, (admittedly I’m a newby) I have found that Sharing the gospel has become a part of mom-ing. What I have been able to share with non believing mom’s is that in order to embrace mom life joyfully is to forget self. Which for a nonbeliever goes against everything they have been taught in our current culture. So, to be a joyful mom who embraces a selfless life (as a way of enriching their own life) is a walking witness and it naturally opens up the door for sharing the gospel and the Christian worldview. ANYWAYS! You guys are awesome, you get me through my work outs!!!


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