If you’ve been around long enough, you have noticed that no two people are exactly alike. This opens the door for a lot of beautiful, weird, awkward, fun, difficult moments in our relationships. A lot of the time what we actually think is someone else’s problem is OUR problem—we don’t like how they are different from us, we don’t like how they haven’t behaved like we think they ought, they haven’t met our standard, they don’t wholesale agree with us. This a problem because not a single one of us is the standard. 

We fail to love others when we assume the worst, hold them to a standard God doesn’t, and put ourselves at the center of all that is orthodox, right, beautiful, or necessary. We fail to see God’s sovereignty in how differently he built us all. Your friend’s biggest problem isn’t that they disagree with you on a secondary doctrinal issue. So why do we so often behave as if this is so?



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©2021 Sheologians

©2021 Sheologians

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