After we further write the list of things that makes us total opposites, we turn to answer the question that we get weekly: if I’m single, but I don’t want to be, am I sin? This leads us into a discussion of what it looks like to have desires that line up with God’s will. What if you have been praying for that thorn to be removed more than three times? Why is Christian advice on this topic so terrible, anyway? Join us!



  1. M

    When your child is having emergency heart surgery, trust me, you will pray for three hours (or more).

  2. Jen Goulart

    You mentioned the book Prayer Changes Things – who is the author?

  3. Matthew Kerr

    This week I preached on 1 Corinthians 7:1-9 in our church (Conservative PCA in Massachusetts), dealing with the goodness of sex within marriage and what to think of Paul’s treatment of singleness. I found this episode the next day and was very encouraged by it. I have since sent it to all of the post-college singles in our church in the hope that it will be a blessing to them as well. Thank you ladies, for speaking truth without pulling punches, and for speaking to this issue in a way that might resonate with the singles in my church.


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