This week we get together over the internet again to discuss what it looks like to be faithful in the small things—and how ultimately it’s not a small thing to be faithful. Why does it matter that we do our duty cheerfully? Does our posture toward the little things really matter? Of course it does! Let’s chat about why that is. 

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3:50 Joy rocked Thanksgiving and she tells us how. 

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13:38 Summer introduces this week’s topic and why we are talking about it. 


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  1. Martha Scott

    Thanks Joy & Summer for another great episode! It helped me to do my chores, and encouraged me that all that we do is valid work for God whatever our feminist culture tells us. You guys inspire me to engage with the culture rather than despairing/ hiding under a rock. I have been helped a lot by your engagement with critical theory etc to initiate discussion within my church context (Scotland) about how we can bring the gospel into all these aspects of society. God bless you both.


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