Communication is difficult. Communication online presents its very own set of problems. A lot of leaders would tell us to stop trying to communicate online altogether. But should the difficulty of something determine whether or not it should be abandoned? Absolutely not! Paul confronted churches through the written word! And what a benefit to us all his letters have been! Of course, nothing we write on social media is Scripture, but we believe it would be positively silly to abandon the medium just because it is really easy to use it poorly. 

So in this episode we have a bit of a free-wheeling conversation on the things that get in the way of us having beneficial discourse online. What are the big things we should watch out for when we discuss ideas online?

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11:30 is the point where we start the actual discussion.



  1. Lori

    Good episode! And I love the intros. You guys crack me up!

  2. Malina

    I’m in high school and I try my best to share the gospel and I know what I believe in, just don’t know how to defend myself and preach the gospel correctly. I had to take a step back and take my knowledge into consideration and make sure that what I was teaching people was sound and lined up with the Word of God. I am so glad I found you ladies and Apologia Studios. Thank for being such strong women and men and teaching me and others sound doctrine and the true gospel Much love?you have given me so much confidence in what I believe in.
    I have a cousin who is very involved in the Word of Faith and NAR. I love her and care for her and as a Christian it is my duty to preach the gospel to everyone even if they call them selves Christians, because we all need it! Because sadly deception is common even in a lot of churches. I worry for her and her family I want her to know the truth. Thank you. I will be introducing you ladies to her?❤️


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©2021 Sheologians

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