There are some things that are up for discussion, and there are some things that aren’t. This week (which is really a continuation of the discussion we started last week, so don’t skip it!) we give a bit of an introduction to the current discussion happening in evangelicalism around complementarianism. We discuss rather or not we should reject the label altogether, and what is being smuggled into the discussion that is blatantly unfair & untrue. 

So, by way of introduction to the controversy, is the patriarchy the idea that all women should submit to all men? Is ‘patriarchy’ synonymous with trinitarian heresy? Should the Danvers Statement or the CBMW be abandoned? Let’s chat!

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2:45 Georgia makes her adorable presence known, and we discuss the patriarchy’s reading habits.

6:30 Housekeeping: leave us a voicemail (470 465 0475), follow us on all the socials, tell us what you want to hear in the New Year, we love your accents, and one day we will make tshirts again.

15:00 We introduce this week’s topic. 

19:00 What are some of the key issues around complementarian controversy?

28:50 What do we reject in this discussion, and what is the big problem with the ex-complementarian movement?

34:00 Some important caveats + encouragement.



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