The memoir Prozac Nation changed how we read women in the 90’s and early 00’s. Elizabeth Wurtzel was unrelentingly honest about her addiction to pharmaceutical and illegal drugs, and just how common their use was during the third wave of feminism. She was, arguably, the first literarily popular Riot Grrrl and she helped define her generation of feminists.

In this episode we discuss the effect of widespread prescription drug use, why there’s no magic pill to cure us of all of our ills, and how the third wave of feminism was really the first wave of feminism finally realized. Join us! 




  1. Rachel Lee

    Thank y’all for this podcast! I enjoy listening. Can you please post the Elizabeth Elliot quote about Mary and Eve somewhere? I’ve tried to find it online and can’t. Thanks!

  2. Molly Hulse

    Ladies, like many before me, I feel deep within me that the two of you and I would be friends. While I think I’m old enough to be your mother (I’m a fresh 50), I learn so much from you two. Thank you. In so far as this particular episode, it made me sick. I mean, the topic and person- Elizabeth Wurtzel. I stayed parked in my car to finish listening to the episode (Summer, aren’t you the one who can’t figure why people
    Stay in their cars after they’ve reached their destination?). Your podcasts – that’s why! I was hit smack in the face with your statement about anxiety being a sin. The kind of anxiety that one can be hyper focused on. That concept never occurred to me as it did for me today. Thank you!!! It’s something I need to share with my girls, too. We need to focus on how god wants us to live vs. living with fear and anxiety. Love you ladies so much.

  3. Alison H

    Thanks ladies for this series! I dabbled in feminism in college in the early 2000’s, and was even a women’s studies minor in college. So many of these ladies you are focusing on or at least mentioning were big parts of my “education.” Shockingly, when I was in college literally learning how to be a feminist, they didn’t white wash history as much as they probably do today. Take for example Margaret Sanger. We actually learned that she was a eugenics enthusiast and that heavily influenced her work in starting Planned Parenthood. I doubt they teach that today.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! And the undercover playboy bunny was Gloria Steinem. She worked at one of their clubs as a cocktail waitress. She was a really big deal when I was in college and even came to visit our campus.



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