If you haven’t heard of DEI or SEL, we sure have some filling-you-in to do! If you have heard of them, it’s time for you to learn more: your neighbor and their children are being catechized into them very intentionally, and it is NOT for their good. This week join us as we analyze just how poisonous feminism currently is to Education in the West.


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17:35 Joy tells us how Rousseau deserves all of the disdain.
28:08 Why education cannot be neutral.
31:00 What is SEL?
41:00 What is UNESCO?
52:42 The rot goes so deep and Summer explains something that is real, but sounds fake.
1:00:30 Knowledge is not neutral. Where you get it matters.



  1. Sharon

    Thank you for this! We need to be so much more informed. I recommend a video by (socialist) Red May TV on YouTube “Lisa Vogels, Marx and feminism at 40” The anniversary of her work. The real handmaid’s tale.

  2. Providence Grove

    This episode was where, to my surprise, my deep dive into the WEF and the 2030 agenda intersected with, of all the podcasts I listen to Sheologians. Outstanding presentation of information ladies. When will the next episode be uploaded?

  3. M

    I am currently studying ECE in Canada, this episode has hit me more personally than every other. Thank you thank you to all your episodes of Feminism is Poison as this has both prepared me for college and reminded once again how vigilant I need to be when being taught. I see my future profession as an ECE as a mission field, but I already know that God willing I have children they will never step foot in any of these schools.

  4. Kira

    How do I find your videos on health and fitness, Summer?


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