Things get spicy this week as Summer and Joy tackle the third (and current) wave of feminism. What do feminist causes have to do with LGBT causes? Listen and find out why.



  1. Brian

    great show with great content.
    Here in Australia, I couldn’t help notice 30+ years ago ( i am exactly the same age as Dr White), that feminism’s manifesto was, ” we want to get away with sinning, exactly like men do”, and hence, the need to have sinful maleness as the standard and to effeminise men to achieve that end. It does tend to be a very enslaving ideology for women. I wonder weather the hall mark of the 4th wave of feminism in the future may be, “lost and confused and frustrated”.
    great to hear you both are becoming more and more comfortable and fluent with presenting your radio content. Cant wait to hear you both give Todd Friel are run for his money, LOL .
    Bless you both

  2. Kelly

    How do you choose the songs that you play for the show? (Can you justify playing lady Gaga who has similar world views as the ones you are warning us against?)

    • Joi

      Can I jump on and ask why background music (noise) is even necessary? Your last two podcasts have had you talking over music and although I’m interested in what you are saying, I haven’t made it through more than a few minutes of these (very important) podcasts because I’m so distracted! Ha; am I the odd man out? Just give us Summer & Joy, I can listen to music anytime.

    • Rachel

      I thought the musical background was delightfully ironic, and I am guessing, although I haven’t been listening to Sheologians long, it is part of the light-hearted attempt to illustrate just how pervasive feminism is in our current culture…

    • Devon

      I’m assuming their choice of music is a little tongue-in-cheek…

      • Bethany Wilhite

        This 3rd lesson on the evils of feminism absolutely blew my mind. I know I am late to the party but THANK YOU for putting this truth out there. You are both soooooooo refreshing. I love hearing all this from a feminine perspective. God bless you ladies.

  3. Nina

    So appreciate your podcast ladies. ♡ I don’t love the addition of the music, though. Whether or not is sarcastic, it’s distracting + makes it literally hard to hear what you’re saying. (I’m washing dishes over here and trying to hear your lovely voices over the club music in the background.) My vote is for no music of any sort in the background. Just my 2 cents. ? Keep up the good work fighting feminism! ?#sanctificationisforlife

  4. Nicki

    Summer, you sunflower of rebellion, and Joy, you sultry-voiced storm, you girls are seriously in my head. And I like it. That sounds creepy, but hear me out…the tiresome rhetoric that I absorb on social media, the endlessly foolish and unbiblical propaganda that stains my eyeballs makes me feel like I need to have a daily brain wash. My dear friends, you both wash my brain. Another creepy statement. But really, keep it up. When I face the absurdity of godless world-views, I feel like I have some seriously awesome homies to back me up. Your podcasts embolden me. So thank you. Thank you both for your work for the only true Kingdom.

    Your Sister in Christ,

  5. Keith Watson

    Will you be considering feminism in the context of “cultural Marxism”? It seems to define well the purpose behind all of the latest -isms in modern American culture.

    Dr. James White posted a link to “The Impact of Relativism, Postmodernism, and Cultural Marxism (Tony Costa)” –

    I also found these videos to be helpful on cultural Marxism –

  6. Keith Watson

    On my previous comment, please remove the last sentence referring to a different YouTube channel about cultural Marxism. I have just learned he has videos basing his explanations on atheism, evolution, and the theories of Sigmund Freud.

  7. Meagan Azzara

    Yes! Episode on Nicholas Sparks. I, too, am not a fan. Love the podcast so much!

  8. Jessica Gurney

    I really appreciate what you ladies are doing. You’re very brave and I like how you bring information that challenges the norm. I am so on the fence about so many topics. I see all sides and it feels like a curse sometimes. I still don’t agree with all that you say BUT still liking it. Cheers!

  9. Vanessa

    Feminism devalues men & dehumanizes the unborn.

    I’ve been loving this podcast series so much, I’m a stay @ home mom for almost 3yrs now & knowing more history on feminism from this podcast has been very encouraging!

  10. Nicole

    3 Things:
    1. I enjoy your podcast a lot. Its refreshing.
    2. The Hillary Clinton soundtracking was about the best thing I’ve heard all election cycle. I want to ask you to do more… but I don’t know if I could laugh more.
    3. I really do not like that you played music in the background the whole time on this one. It makes too much extra noise.. in the most literal way possible.

  11. Alexandra Buongiorne

    Thank you for addressing this topic so clearly and drawing such a strong picture of who we are to have our identity in. Not some cause but Christ. Do you have any books you do recommend to women who are seeking to know clearly what God says about women and how we are to live as an expression of him in our daily lives? Thanks again Summer and Joy for blowing my mind on a daily basis. ?


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