While we are on the subject of interpersonal relationships….

This week we answer a frequent listener question: what do I DO with X friendship when Y scenario is happening? 

Seriously, our inbox is flooded with this one all the time! And beyond that, the memes. Oh man. The memes! The memes about friends. The friend-shaming. The toxic labeling. The pride around how great we are at creating ‘boundaries’. This topic comes up far more than we realize, and Scripture has a lot to say about what kind of friend we should be. Let’s chat!

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4:00 Matthew shops for moose mittens.

5:37 Summer introduces the topic & why we are discussing it.
10:00 Pride: the great friendship killer.
19:00 Jealousy: the great friendship killer.
23:00 What is friendship for?


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  1. Dana

    I have some longtime friends that don’t follow Jesus. When I became reborn and accepted Christ it completely turned those relationships around. Doing an episode about navigating friendships who believe in the complete opposite of you would be really amazing!


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