This week Joy and Summer discuss lesbians in Finding Dory and how being offended all the time ruins your witness.



  1. Jordan R.

    So many great points!! Yes, it is so NOT about us. I have been guilty of this and the Finding Dory movie as well. Praise God for the light shed on that and the sinfulness of thinking that way. Legit episode ladies, thank you.

  2. Suzanne Peak

    I love listening to you two young, beautiful women! (I’m old — 53! Haha). This podcast…..or whatever it is (I’m also EXTREMEMLY “tech-illiterate”) was probably my favorite thus far!
    We Christians definitely should not follow the culture and be so easily offended. You were SPOT ON saying this indicates a focus on Self. Christians are called to deny self and focus on Christ. If we need “defending” God is perfectly able to do it……and it may be that He just uses those “offenses” toward us for our sanctification and His glory. (This is, of course, the goal of our lives——not “standing up for our rights”)
    Anyway, thank you ladies for bringing this issue forward!! I love how you present the truth in a straightforward and humorous manner! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Crash

    Please clarify “and Paul said stupid stuff”?

  4. Barbara

    I’ll never forget seeing a friend in church with her Mom, who had cancer, and she had her arm around her Mom and sometimes stroking her hair. I prayed and really felt for my friend and her Mom. YET another friend ,who didn’t know my other friend, pulled me aside and asked if “those two women were lesbians “!!!! She was actually fuming for an hour assuming the worst. Sad.
    Please clarify,”Paul said stupid stuff”?

  5. Jen

    Really beautiful, ladies

  6. Laurel

    Great podcast! I have really been enjoying your podcasts since the beginning of the year when I heard about you. 🙂
    But excuse me…you can’t just slip in ” ’cause-no-one’s-really-an-atheist-Romans 1 “, all fast, without TOTALLY peaking my curiosity on this subject!!! I’d love to hear a podcast on this. My husband and I even looked up Romans 1 to see what you mean, and I totally see what your saying! Expound on that! 🙂

  7. Breanna

    Hi ladies, I love listening to your show. This episode specifically, I find very inspiring, but I still need help with figuring this problem out:
    I am very sensitive on the topic of abortion. I’ve tried so many times to defend the pro-life position without becoming emotional, but I cannot seem to shake the emotions. And it makes my arguments seem illogical, no matter how logical my words are, because I can’t speak of it without getting angry and crying. Any advice?

    • Summer White


      I am totally sympathetic to this. Engaging in a topic that is so evil is difficult. I have felt overcome with emotion before, as well. I’m unsure how the thought of tiny babies being ripped and shredded in the womb can’t move someone. Part of what I have to do to stay level is just focus on how important it is that we speak with clarity on the issue. Sometimes I’ll hold it in and wait until after to let the emotions out. My first, knee jerk reaction in almost any situation is never tears, so maybe it’s easier for me, I don’t know. Pray and focus on the Gospel. If you’re against abortion, the truth is on your side, and the Gospel never returns void!

  8. Rebecca

    Great post with lots of great incentive to get yourself out of the way. Hard-hitting for me- but exactly what I needed to hear. Here’s kind of a sideline question related to your Finding Dory example. I hear the new Beauty and the Beast movie has a “gay positive” moment toward the end that Disney is so proud of and tauting as this great thing. This is like comparing apples to oranges when it comes to the Dory example because in Dory it was totally unjustified and made up because of imagined offense. But in B&B they are proud of it and calling it what they think it is- successful brainwashing of kids. The trailer looks kinda awesome. I was really looking forward to watching it with my kids until I learned about that. Now I am in a conundrum. Am I what you would call a person getting ‘easily offended’ or would not watching that movie be a good stand for a christian. I guess the next Frozen is going to have lesbo tendencies to. It’s happening, girls, and I just want to know what Christians are going to do about it.

    • Crystal Vera

      Hey Rebecca, i was faced with this issue too. I realized that i watch TV shows and movies with heterosexual couples who are happily promoting premarital sex. I used to not think anything of it but as i thought about watching gay couples in the shows and movies i watched, i realized i didnt want that sin to be normalised in my life. And i then realized premarital sex was ALREADY normalized in my life, i dont even cringe anymore when i see this lifestyle in the entertainment that i watch. So for me, i realized if im going to cut gay couples from my entertainment, i need to do the same for heterosexual couples practicing. For me though that doesnt mean ill never ever watch movies or shows with those couples in them, if im at a friend s of relatives house and thats whats playing ill stay. But i wont intentionally put myself in the position where i start to become careless and start to become desensitized. However, i agree with these girls that we should not take this issue personal. It is the world and what they love and we can separate ourselves from that yet still love them. I am not an advocate for isolating yourself or completely separating yourself from the world. But they are limits we can create as Christians as to what we want to participate in.


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