You know when you get involved in a conversation and you know you’re right and everyone else is wrong, and you just NEED THEM TO KNOW IT?! Today we talk about that. We talk about the fake tension between being humble and being right (there is no tension—being wrong and being humble aren’t synonymous). We talk about why we want to be right and what aspect of that we need to go to war with. What is humility anyway? Can we strive for it if we can’t define it?  Let’s chat! 


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4:00 What kind of person are you under pressure? 


11:30 Joy shares why she’s been thinking about the human need to be “right”. 


17:45 What is true….what is helpful…..what is lovely? 


27:30 What does humility look like?  



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  1. Nancy

    Wow, this is so me. Being misunderstood, sometimes I have moments of contentment that God is in control and I don’t need to have the last word or be uderstood. this is so freeing. Especially acknowledging that God is working in diff ways and diff times in others, so shutup. My daughter is getting married (our first wedding) and i have had this feeling i need to be sure they both have solid church history understanding, warnings about wrong church government, and extra-biblical teachings. I now see how off puttting and faithless this is.


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