It has been said that the prosperity Gospel is America’s number one theological export. If you’re like Summer, you know very little about the prosperity Gospel beyond what you’ve seen on TBN. If you’re like Joy, you have experienced a little bit of it firsthand through charismatic-y churches. If you’re like Costi Hinn, you are related to a world-famous prosperity Gospel preacher, part of the movement, and experienced God’s grace in being brought out of the movement. Of course, Costi’s experience is pretty rare, and we are thankful that he wrote a book about the Prosperity Gospel and joined us today to take us to school on the topic. We laughed, we cried, we were immensely encouraged by this interview, and we hope you are, too!

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We hope right into the interview and honestly it’s not long enough, so no timestamps this week!


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  1. Gloria Cooke

    Excellent, thank you so much for this interview and thank you, Pastor Hinn! Looking up the book now!



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