This week we want to try to help you think through God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. How can it be true that God is in control of all things? What about evil things? What about sin? How can we be held responsible for sin if God controls all that we do? Let’s chat!

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4:20 What is compatibilism and why is it important?

21:56 Anne Hathaway explaining privilege at the HRC is the ultimate Feminist of the Week.



  1. John Sims

    20:45, Actually, God is unfair much of the time, fairness is a totally human construct. God is NEVER uncharacteristic (as we learn of His characteristics in the Bible,) compromising of His perfect will, or unjust. God often has a lesson for me to learn when I throw the “unfair flag” onto my life’s playing field. I get a lesson(s) on His justice, His will, His truth, His character. He teaches His lessons so perfectly through His word, in the name of Christ by His Spirit, in love. I enjoyed the compatibility podcast very much!

  2. Stephanie A.

    I seriously love ya’ll so much. You crack me up and show me so much of what it looks like to firm and confident in stating the truth of God’s Word. Super dope. Loyal listener, right here.

  3. Sonja Cox

    You girls are the best!
    Love your podcast!

    Funny today when Summer said
    “DiscusSHEing – for discussing, thought that was a great way to get SHE into your discussion!!

    Question about today’s topic!
    If the brothers of Joseph acted in their sinful nature ( and they clearly did ) why do you think Joseph also didn’t respond in his sin nature and choose to kill his brothers?
    He responded with kindness- so it would seem he had a choice to choose right over wrong!
    Common grace?
    The Holy Spirit isn’t dwelling in Joseph at this point so it would seem God controlled Joseph’s actions but just turned the brothers over?



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