A few episodes ago Joy shared mentioned the idea of being gracious—and how bad humans are at it in general. This week we took a moment to talk a little bit more about that. Why should Christians be gracious? What are some of the consequences of refusing to be gracious? Is it sinful to be easily offended? Pull up a floor pillow and hang out with us!

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2:00 A brief discussion of literature we skipped on purpose.

9:17 We introduce today’s topic–why is it sinful to be easily offended? 




  1. Abigail Pettit

    Aww, you guys!! So sad you aren’t Jane Austen fans. She pretty much invented the modern novel form and is a sly, incisive judge of human nature. Unless you mean generically that reading Pride and Prejudice means you’ve read them all in the sense that Austen re-uses the marriage plot, the rest of her books are really worth reading for the different things she’s doing in each of them, most apparent in her second cycle of novels, written later in life after her father died (Emma, Persuasion, Mansfield Park), which show her growth in complexity. Her writing is also actually very straightforward and not unnecessarily flowery compared to her contemporaries. But I grew up reading her and wrote my graduate thesis on her, so I’m a little biased. 🙂 No need to feel guilty for not being interested though! I’ve been having trouble getting through the classic Master and Commander by Patrick O’ Brian. Also, In Cold Blood is a fantastic book!

  2. Danshelle

    Oh my gosh same! I thought I was the only one. I was so bored reading it. It was too slow and unnecessarily descriptive for me.


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