Our earthly experience means that all of us experience suffering. All of us will grieve. The Christian experience on Earth is a promise of suffering. It’s also a promise of great joy. How do these two truths exist at the same time? How do we grieve like we have an eternal hope? In a culture obsessed with the therapeutic, how do we keep our witness when life gets hard? What do we do when calling out to God isn’t our first inclination? Let’s talk cross-bearing and what Scripture says about who we are (and who we belong to) when life gets ugly.

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1:30 Yin and Yang and Meyers-Briggs are hacks but we talk about them anyway.

4:43 Why are we talking about suffering?

8:30 Why do we suffer? (Check out Phil 1:29)

13:30 Why would God give Paul a “thorn” and what can we learn from it?

24:00 Is ‘soul care’ the answer to suffering? What is the “fainting heart”?

30:00 What should do when you are the owner of a fainting heart?

38:40 What’s the balance between being treated unjustly and accepting our crosses?

44:10 Attempting to avoid suffering will not work.

Reading Homework

1 Peter 4:1
1 Peter 5:10
2 Corinthians 4:17
2 Timothy 3
Colossians 1:24
Hebrews 2:10
Isaiah 43:2
Isaiah 53:3
John 16:33
All of Phillippians

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  1. Angela

    Who sang the closing song?

  2. Angela

    What is the closing music?

  3. Natalie

    Great episode. Who sung the doxology at the end?

  4. Rachel

    This was incredible and so applicable, to this single Momma of four. Thank you, thank you. This truly did bless me. I had to share this with other women in my life as well.

  5. Marcee

    Yeah, ditto!! Who sang the hymn at the end!!!!!!!!!??????????

  6. Matthew

    The song at the end is Doxology by Beautiful Eulogy

  7. Rebekah

    Hey, so the song is from the Album Worthy by the group Beautiful Eulogy.

  8. Ashley

    This resonated with me on a very deep level. Especially when Summer was talking about painful parenting. This is where the Lord has me right now. Thankful for the Rock that is higher than I. And thank you, Joy and Summer. This was truly a blessing.

  9. Rebecca

    Great episode y’all. Love how y’all can speak to my heart, point me to Jesus, & make me laugh…all in one episode.
    Now I need to go & “share* this!


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