Have you ever wondered about the IF: Gathering? Have you ever tried to unleash the Holy Spirit? Who is the Holy Spirit? How fast can James White ride 100 miles on his bike? We answer three out of four of these questions, faster than the average woman can apply winged eyeliner!



  1. Lourdes

    “Correct me if I’m wrong…except I’m not wrong”

    I’m saying that forever

  2. Marcia

    Well said!! You put into words the very thing I have had trouble with when it comes to so many conferences I’ve been invited to over the years. I am sure that the women who started this meant well, but the ‘self’ issue has always seemed to run counter to what the Bible teaches. As my mother always taught me, examine God’s word and obey it. The focus should always be on Him. Btw, it was my son that led me to your page, so you’ve got men listening too 🙂

  3. Michelle Caldwell

    Yes and thank you!!

  4. Gloria Sigountos

    Um, I’m not sure what direction you both wanted to go in this one. There is a lot that can be talked about. and I think you touched on several of them, but didn’t really talk in depth about the Holy Spirit. You kind of drifted from talking about the Holy Spirit to seeking after God’s will. both very good topics but I’m not sure you talked well about either.

    I know this is an early episode so maybe as you guys continue your topics become more streamlined, and fleshed out. I hope this comes as constructive criticism and I’m not coming across as a Negative Nancy.

  5. Amy

    love your podcast! love IF gathering! I think if you researched it a little more you would find that it isn’t an “unleashing of the holy spirit” as you say. The Unleash in the title is unleashing women into the areas God has called them to in their own lives… IF:2017 was a fairly in depth study into Acts and the early church. The teaching has actually spurred me and many others into digger deeper into theology rather than surface level teachings like some other women’s events.


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