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4:20 Summer explains how she landed this historic interview.

5:50 What is the problem with the question, “What is the Holy Spirit?”

11:00 James White tells us what one of the first heresies in the church was!

13:00 How has the doctrine of the Trinity been revealed?

14:50 So, what is the role of the Holy Spirit and why is He often so misunderstood today?

17:36 What are the very basics of who the Holy Spirit is?

25:10 How has a minimal grasp of the Trinity impacted worship and prayer in the church?

28:10 EVEN MORE on the specific role of the Holy Spirit!

29:12 How do we understand what people mean when they talk about the Holy Spirit telling them to do X?

33:00 What is the “economic” Trinity, and how does EFS impact our view on women? THIS IS IMPORTANT. DO NOT MISS THIS.

42:25 What happened in the EFS/ESS debate and how is it impacting the egalitarian/complementarian debate?

50:00 Why we should be careful not to throw anathemas around on this issue when we disagree.

51:30 Can you support the Nashville Statement if you reject EFS?


Sheologians Homework:

The Forgotten Trinity by James R. White: https://www.amazon.com/Forgotten-Trinity-James-R-White-ebook/dp/B00B0VMJC0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1505164832&sr=8-1&keywords=the+forgotten+trinity

Quick basics on the Holy Spirit from Ligonier: https://www.ligonier.org/blog/five-truths-about-holy-spirit/

Denny Burk’s statement from the EFS fall out: https://www.dennyburk.com/my-take-aways-from-the-trinity-debate/

Aimee Byrd asking if it’s okay to teach Complementarianism based on EFS: https://www.mortificationofspin.org/mos/housewife-theologian/is-it-okay-to-teach-a-complementarianism-based-on-eternal-subordination#.Wbb_T62ZM8Z

Rosaria Butterfield on why she signed the Nashville Statement: https://cbmw.org/the-nashville-statement/rosaria-butterfield-why-i-signed-the-nashville-statement/



  1. Lorena

    I would be so grateful if you would consider making transcripts of your podcasts available. Probably I am in the last-breath-gasping minority, but I so much prefer to read information than to hear it. Not only do I retain vastly more from the written word, it is also a faster form of consumption for me, which means I could “hear” more of your podcasts. Thanks!

  2. Denis

    Am I able to download the podcasts?

    • Summer Jaeger

      Yes, click the download button underneath the player that says “download episode”. Or download from whatever podcast player app you use.

  3. Mike

    “That’s Partialism, Patrick!”☘️



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