This week we attempt to speak to the depressed. As women who have experienced both prolonged and short seasons of depression, and as women who love people who are depressed, we want to look to Scripture to understand these situations. How do we glorify God in these seasons? How do we love our Christian brothers and sisters who are in seasons of waiting? 

Before we jump into that discussion, we answer a listener question about Bethel and whether or not we should listen to their music.

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7:00 A quick answer to a listener question about worship music.

17:30 You can skip to this time stamp if all you want to listen to is our discussion around depression. 



  1. Kim

    Matthew 11:28-30 

  2. Mel Kiefer

    I just wanted to say thank you for this episode. You are not too intense and this is so encouraging to hear. Christians need to be equipped to walk with others through dark valleys and if we’re not willing to go over these topics, then we won’t be ready.

    Stay strong and know you’re appreciated.

  3. Loice

    Is all of bethel music really heretical?

    • Nette

      This was not heavy! This was joy like the sound of chains breaking. Loved it. Thank you for bringing the truth!

  4. Nette

    Is there a link to the cultish (?) podcast you referenced? I’m not familiar with what that was speaking to.

  5. natalie

    I love you guys and you make me laugh A LOT! I have Lyme Disease, which comes with depression and hypersensitivity to noise and smells. When I can avoid stress, I can control the depression. When my neighbors make a lot of noise or use strong scented drier sheets, I spiral into an anxiety attack. I pray about it all the time, but there must be a lesson in this. Thanks for talking about this!



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