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1:20 Summer thinks it’s October 30th. It’s not. Mom brain.

4:15 We pull a “look, listen.”

5:10 Why talk about pop culture at all?

8:20 Part of the difficulty with discussing this topic is a difference in definitions.

11:00 What does the Christian worldview give us in terms of scary movies that a secular worldview can’t?

13:20 What elements in any genre would we never, ever defend or promote?

16:00 How do we practically apply Scripture regarding what we put before our eyes in the context of the horror genre?

22:38 Joy tells us how modern horror films and chick flicks are the same thing.

25:00 What does Joy enjoy about scary movies?

26:45 How are war movies and horror movies similar? What is Summer’s favorite thing about scary movies?

29:00 It’s okay to have different taste in entertainment, but there are things that Scripture draws a clear line against.

32:10 VidAngel, artistic license, and choosing to skip out on some elements of film.

36:30 Let’s talk about our favorite scary movies!!!

47:25 Joy and Summer pitch a horror movie called Safe Space.



  1. Dave Mattingly

    My favorite horror movie is “Frailty” which has mild language and some gore, but is largely off screen.

  2. Bess

    What is Joy’s opinion on a movie like “Silent Hill”? It’s one of the only horror movies I’ve ever seen, and I had to walk out of the theater because I just don’t enjoy watching people physically suffer. Just wondered about your thoughts!

    • Summer White

      I don’t know, and she’s rarely on here to answer questions. I can say that I’ve enjoyed films that included suffering, but I’m thinking of war movies in particular. There’s a lot of pain and suffering there, and the enjoyment isn’t like OH COOL SOMEONE IS IN PAIN, it’s that there is a lot to take away from films that are about tragedy (if they are done well).

  3. Wjsaint

    Hi girls,

    I was wondering if there was an older version of “Carrie” than the one I’m familiar with starring Sissy Spacek? The 1976 version has a graphic locker room scene with nudity. Is this really on your top movie list that you want to recommend to people?

    • Summer White

      Hi there! I have never seen the movie. No, we don’t recommend watching graphic nudity. Or like regular nudity. Just nudity in general. Not on the list. We did mention that there have been times we have recommended a film to a friend that was edited, or different versions released on tv/netflix/dvd where there will be content in different releases that wasn’t included elsewhere and that’s embarrassing. It’s happened to me several times.

  4. Thomas

    I saw Signs in the cinema 3 times, lol. For sure one of the best movies ever. A couple others I love are “The Conjuring” and the original “Cat People”.


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