Remember last year, when we talked about Joy’s sausage balls recipe and we never shared it? In this episode we right that wrong, and drift in to a discussion about favorite holiday foods and ways to keep your heart from being grumbly when you’re running around like crazy during the holiday season. Also, lemon chicken. You’ll know when you’re done listening. Join us!



  1. Kristy Morris

    Hi Summer and Joy,

    I’ve had mashed potatoes turn out gluey before too. I read that it’s because they are over-mashed or over-whipped. Over-whipping releases too much starch, which affects the texture of the mashed potatoes.

    Hope this is helpful!

    Thanks for sharing your hospitality/cooking tips and recipes this week!

  2. Annie B

    Is there a recipe for the bacon fried rice? Sounds delicious!

  3. Jenn

    Super intrigued by the homemade green bean casserole — do you have all of these recipes linked somewhere??

    • Madelyn Rogier

      I very much need this recipe as well! It sounded amazing!!

  4. Allyson

    Summer, you mentioned that you have your children memorized the catechism. What catechism are you having them memorize and is there somewhere online to find it? Also if you could ever talk about how exactly do you do this with your kids, what time of day etc.

  5. Andrea

    I also wanted a traditional Christmas morning breakfast and for years I tried and had many flops from gingerbread pancakes to an apple Dutch oven pancake thing. We finally settled on crepes. We only make them Christmas morning. It will be a late morning meal as crepes are a little fussy to make. We make apple pie filling and have whipped cream on top. Some of our kids prefer chocolate chips to the apples.

    The other tradition that started in my childhood home is shrimp butter. My mom didn’t bake much, but the neighbors would wait for her to bring her shrimp butter over around Christmas. I make it for every get together over the holidays. My kids wait for it every year.

    I love holiday traditions and we have many in our home now that our oldest is an adult, but it did take some time to figure out what traditions would stick. Now you two have me so excited for Christmas!



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