This week Summer and Joy discuss Tomi Lahren and her recent statements regarding the hypocrisy of being conservative and pro life. It’s a weird episode. Give it a listen.


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  1. Andrew

    Thanks for the show. At work, listening, had to stop and comment. You ladies were discussing the argument that the woman has the right to terminate the babies life, because the baby is dependant on her. We all get that. Then the rebuttle is, well so our my children that have been born already. This is a good and valid argument. I can also think of another good point.

    Ok, so we all know that when we kill a pregnant women that we can be charged for the baby as well. It is also true that if you neglect your children, and fail to provide for them food, shelter, education that the government can take your children and throw you into jail. The SAME is also true for the pregnant woman. If she fails to take care of HERSELF either by drugs, alcohol, anorexia, whatever it may be she is also in danger of the law. Why? Because it’s not just her body that she is hurting.


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